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About Trash Mobs

Trashmobs is a 10 man raiding guild on Horde Executus(US).

Currently recruiting the following classes for Cataclysm: Holy Paladin, Resto Shaman, Resto Druid, Destro Warlock, Balance Druid, Elemental Shaman


Hit up Festerpad in game.

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Cata Raiding

by Festerpad, 2528 days ago

Hooray for 10man raiding changes!

What we're shooting for:

Warrior - Mondo
Druid - Steak

Melee DPS:
Rogue - Pursus
Shaman Enhancement - Ledalia

Ranged DPS:
Hunter - Spackle
Mage - Setabominae

Priest - Whtmage
Paladin - Fester

What we need to fill in 2 Slots:

Destro Warlock &
A Druid or Shaman going Third Healer/Ranged DPS

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Clean up

by Pursus, 3325 days ago

I cleaned up the forums a little bit so people can find all of our stupid links and stuff easier. Now we have a "General / Random" forum and a "WoW General" forum instead of the other two that always got cross-posted in.

I also got rid of some of the the crap WoW forums and just moved all the stuff to WoW general. I didn't delete any threads, so if you're looking for some old junk it's just moved.

And I didn't think we needed a Halo forum for one post, so I changed it to a WHO forum.

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<Trash Mobs> the gaming clan?

by Pursus, 3490 days ago

Simply, it appears that everyone is interested in two things:

1) Playing games other then WoW until Warhammer is released.

2) Playing these new games with each other.

To reflect this the forums will be restructed to facilitate discussion on all these new and refreshing fronts!

The name will also change once we establish a solid connection with everyone on the WoW side that wishes to remain active here.

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